Energy efficiency of appliances? The 6 questions you should ask before buying

08 October 2021

Buying an appliance can be a challenging task. How do you know if you’re making the right choice? Where to start?

When thinking about buying an appliance, we realize there are dozens of brands and models, and it’s hard to know where to start looking for the ideal device. The energy efficiency of appliances should be one of the main concerns. But there are more questions you should ask before buying. Here are some questions that can guide this search:

1. Is it really necessary to buy a new appliance?

The first thing to evaluate is the real need to purchase a new appliance. Do you need a new one because the previous one broke or because it’s outdated? Ideally, buy only when you genuinely need a new one. If it’s not urgent, you can watch for promotions and buy the device you need at a friendlier price.

2. What is the purpose of the appliance?

The number of functions you’re looking for in an appliance should be considered based on its intended purpose. It should be suitable for your routines and the number of people using it. For example, if you want to buy a microwave and already have a good oven, you might not need the grill function. If you’re considering buying a refrigerator, determine if you need one with a freezer or if a larger one makes sense because your household has grown.

3. Which size and design best match your home?

Before starting your search, measure the available space (width, length, and depth) and note that some devices should be slightly away from the wall. Also, determine which design best fits your home.

4. How much are you willing to pay?

Decide in advance the maximum amount you’re willing to pay. Consider that newer models are often more expensive than previous ones and might have only a minor difference, like just one more feature.

5. How many stores should I visit before deciding?

Before visiting stores in person, we suggest researching online across various appliance stores. If you’ve already decided on the type of device to buy, it’s easier to start searching on websites. Comparing prices is essential before going out to buy! You’ll find many brands and even more models, but with the exercise you’ve done about real need, purpose, price, size, and design, it will surely be easier to choose from the available market options.

6. Should I consider the energy label?

Yes, reading the appliance’s energy label can and should be decisive when buying! Carefully analyze energy consumption, noise level, carbon footprint, among other factors. The environmental impact of the new appliance should be one of the most important issues. You might pay a bit more at the time of purchase, but that initial investment will be recovered when the reduction in energy consumption starts reflecting on your electricity bill.

Also, account for additional costs with transportation and installation. Always confirm with the stores you visit if they offer old appliance collection services or recycle them. If we’re buying a new appliance, our choice should have the least environmental impact possible!

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