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01 October 2021

Did you know that for each property we certify, we donate 1 euro to the Plant a Tree Association? Find out more about this project

We take issues such as social and environmental responsibility very seriously, but above all we value the ecological attitude and civic intervention. Therefore, for each energy certificate that we deliver, we donate one euro to the Plantar uma Árvore association.

Plantar uma Árvore

This association began in November 2009 with the idea of reforesting the Monsanto Forest Park, located in Lisbon. With the motto “1 person, 1 tree”, the initiative managed to bring together families, neighbours and colleagues in a participation that aimed to draw attention to the importance of ecological awareness, but also active civic participation.

After this first initiative, many other reforestation actions followed, seeking to successfully involve the community and institutions. In 2012, what started out as a citizens’ movement became an association that continued to develop actions aimed not only at generating but also at recovering natural spaces and promoting biodiversity.

Plant this idea: help forest conservation!

The Plant a Tree association has various initiatives open to the general public, all you have to do is sign up as a volunteer. If you want to get involved in reforestation and restoration of degraded areas, you can participate directly in the field – individually or as a family – or support the project by buying, for example, trees that are then planted in protected areas, respecting the respective environmental project.

Plant a Tree also develops activities for participants coming from companies and schools. In addition to planting trees, it promotes actions such as the control of exotic weeds, the maintenance of existing plants and protection against fires. These programmes entitle the participants to a certificate of forest promotion and conservation!

Would you like to get your family or colleagues together and help reforest the country? Then find out more about the project and how you can participate. Plant this idea!

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