How to save on heating and keep the house warm in winter without spending too much?

12 October 2021

Winter arrives, and with it come high electricity and gas bills. Here are some tips to ensure the comfort of your home while saving on heating.

Do you know how to save on heating and keep the house warm in winter without spending a lot of money? The secret is to use solar energy and the way we manage to conserve it inside the house. The goal is to have a comfortable home without unpleasant surprises when it’s time to pay the electricity bill. For this, we offer some tips that you can follow to have a home with a pleasant temperature, even in the cold of winter.

Tips to keep your house warm:

  1. Ventilate the house every day, but for a short time: 10 minutes is enough to renew the air without cooling the house too much.
  2. Decorate windows and walls: Curtains are not just for decorating windows but also to prevent heat from escaping. During the day, close the windows but open the curtains to let the sun in and create a greenhouse effect. At night, close the blinds or shutters to retain the accumulated heat. Decorating walls with mirrors, paintings, and photos also helps retain heat.
  3. Use insulators: Insulating tape on windows and door seals.
  4. Invest in rugs: The floor is one of the places where most heat is lost. The solution is to have rugs to maintain the temperature, and if they are large and fluffy, even better!
  5. Close the doors: When leaving the house, keep the room doors closed to prevent cold air from circulating.
  6. Automatic heater: If you use a heater, choose one that turns on and off automatically. The goal is not to overheat the house but to keep it at a comfortable temperature.
  7. Warm fabrics: When on the sofa, have cushions and blankets made of warm fabrics. They help us stay comfortable for longer.
  8. Hot drinks: Try having a hot drink at night; it’s a great way to warm both body and soul!
  9. Use the oven: The heat generated by the oven will keep your house warm for longer, saving on heating.
Thick and fluffy fabrics and hot drinks are excellent aids to combat the winter cold.

Fight against energy poverty:

Energy poverty affects about 10% of the European Union population. It is defined by the combination of three factors: low wages, high energy bills, and inefficient buildings. But there’s good news: there are state aids that help citizens make their property more comfortable, thus, with more energy efficiency.

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