How much does an energy certificate cost?

15 September 2021

The cost of an energy certificate varies according to the size, type of property, and the service provided by the expert.

Do you know how much an energy certificate costs? The value is variable, as there are components to consider when carrying out an energy certification.

There are two types of fees to consider when determining the cost of an energy certificate: the issuance fee charged by the entity that governs the certification and the service that the qualified expert provides during their visit to the property.

The registration value of the certificate issuance is fixed, defined by ADENE, and varies according to the typology of the property:

  • €28.00 – Typologies T0 and T1;
  • €40.50 – Typologies T2 and T3;
  • €55.00 – Typologies T4 and T5;
  • €65.00 – Typologies T6 or higher.

VAT is added to these values at the current rate.

It is possible to be exempt from paying the issuance of the certificate if the building already has an energy certificate and the owner implements the indicated measures, that is, the following conditions must be met:

  • Your certificate is less than 10 years old;
  • Implementation of the suggested measures;
  • After their implementation, the measures lead to an improvement in the energy class, that is, at a minimum, you must obtain level B-).

The values vary according to a set of factors such as the type and complexity of the building and the travel made.

The issuance of the energy certificate is usually carried out in 72 hours, but if you want it to be prepared in less time, an urgency fee is added to the value of the document.

Did you know that certifying your property is mandatory if you want to sell or rent it?

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