Necessary documents for the energy certificate: how to obtain?

16 September 2021

The necessary documents to obtain the energy certificate for your property can be requested from home: Portal das Finanças, Predial Online, and Municipal Chamber.

The necessary documents for the energy certificate to be issued can be requested online through three different platforms. The property tax record on the Portal das Finanças, the property registration certificate on the Predial Online site, and the property plan at the electronic counter of the Municipal Chamber related to the property.

Mandatory Documents to Request the Energy Certificate:

Property Tax Record (Caderneta Predial):

One of the mandatory documents to request the energy certificate for your home is the property tax record.

To request this document, you must access the Portal das Finanças site with your taxpayer number and password. Once logged in, select the following options:

  • Your Space
  • Assets
  • Properties
  • Property Tax Record

The property identification is visible to access the document. If the property you want the record for is not specified in your assets, you have the option to request the document view in another way. Just identify some house data: parish, type of property (urban or rustic), the article number, and the fraction.

Basta identificar alguns dados da casa: freguesia, tipo de prédio (urbano ou rústico), o número do artigo matricial e a fração, that is, information found in the property tax record, in the purchase-sale promise contract, or in the deed.

Property Registration Certificate (Certidão do Registo Predial):

The Property Registration Certificate, also known as the Certificate of Content (Certidão de Teor), is another mandatory document and can be requested on the Predial Online platform, selecting the following options:

  • Request for Permanent Certificate
  • Create
  • Add Subscription

It is necessary to fill in your personal details and the house’s details: location (district, municipality, parish), the number in the property registry, and the fraction letter. The document has a validity of six months and costs 15 euros, but when requested in person at a Registry Office, the price increases. For older properties, the description number, book, pages, and fraction are required.

Optional Documents:

Property Plan:

To access the house plan, you must make a request to the respective Municipal Chamber, filling out a form with the owner’s identification and the property. As a proof document for this request, you can use, for example, the certificate of content or the property tax record. For that very reason, we suggest that you request one of the two documents mentioned above first.

This request has an associated cost that you should then confirm with the respective Municipal Chamber.

Do you have doubts if your house already has an energy certificate?

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