The great advantages of having your home certified

04 August 2021

Certifying your home gives you more advantages in the real estate market, can reduce your monthly energy bill, gives you benefits in the IRS and helps preserve the environment.

The benefits of certifying your home are many, but they start in the property market. Having an energy certificate does not in itself increase the value of the house, unless it gets an A+ or A rating.

However, if you certify the property and follow the recommendations suggested by the expert assessing your home, you can improve energy efficiency in order to gain negotiating power.

The value of the property should be as fair as possible, in line with its current characteristics. This ends up making commercial relations fairer for everyone. In this way, the owner sees the property increase in value and the buyer knows that they are acquiring a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly home.

More advantages of certifying your home: reducing energy costs

If you certify a property with low energy efficiency and carry out the works advised by the specialist technician, the gains in energy savings can be very significant and thus greatly reduce the bill you pay monthly.

Tax benefits

You can benefit from a reduction in the payment of IMI (property tax) of up to 25% for energy efficient houses, as well as obtain exemption from IMT (municipal tax on onerous transmissions).

Read more on this subject on “Did you know that property certification can give you tax benefits?“.

Protect the Environment

Of course, by saving energy you are contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions in the atmosphere, thus protecting the environment.

Did you know that for every certificate you make with us, we donate €1 to the Plant a Tree Association? Read more about this environmental project.

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